The children of our VFW National Home for Children need "Our Support.



"Our Part. . . . . 


The VFW National Home for Children is a very important part of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.    It is up to all of us to help maintain our promise to:



"No One Does More For Our Veterans"



Over the years, the National Home has evolved to meet the changing needs of   Americas military and veterans families.  Through it all, one thing has remained constant: the National Homes commitment to honor our nations veterans and active-duty military by providing help and hope for their children and families.  



Our Michigan Home and the National Home Campus in Eaton Rapids, Michigan is a good place to do just that. Donations of time and funds help the children and parents who have lost loved ones serving our Nations call.



Won't you get involved? Donations of funds (either personnel or through relief funds) may be made directly to the Department of Michigan Veterans of Foreign Wars.  



Note: Only donations sent through the Department of Michigan will be credited towards your Posts, County Councils and Districts.  If your donations are sent directly to the National Home, you will not receive credit for the donation.  



Donations of time (group or individuals) should be set up by contacting the National Home directly at 1-800-424-8360.  



All-State Program:


1.  Three (3) points if a Post registers its colors on Michigan Day at the VFW National Home for Children. 


2.  One (1) point for each $25.00 or $1.00 per member donated to the Michigan House at the VFW National Home for Children.  [Four (4) points maximum].   

3.  One (1) point per life membership to the VFW National Home for Children purchased by the   Post or a member  [Five (5) points maximum].  

4.  Five (5) points for each VFW National Home child financially sponsored to Camp Trotter during the camping season.  [Fifteen (15) points maximum].


 You Can Make a Difference Comrades and Sisters


Lets show our comrades children why we call one another comrade and sister instead of member and associate member. Each of us can make a difference if we all pitch in and make OUR MICHIGAN DAY and the VFW National Home for Children a great place to be.

 VFW National Home for Children Life Membership Application

James Hubbard, Director                                                   

108 Schorn Dr.                                                                      

Lake Orion, MI 48362                                                         

Cell: 248-496-1213   Home: 248-693-6759                              


 National Home Golf Outing August 3rd 2019      Click here for Event Form

 The Dept. raffle tickets are now available. For those that would like to buy some please let Dept. know. These tickets will be available at the Dept. Convention. Please encourage your Posts or District to buy a ticket (or more). They are going fast so please let us know if you would like one set aside, first come first served. If you have any questions please let me know.
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