2019-2020 Veterans & Military Support Programs 




Once again, the Veterans of Foreign Wars is again in the forefront of patriotism as the organization and its members find ways to show support for America and her armed forces. There is no more important program of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. As our Nation's fight against terrorism continues, thousands of our active-duty, Reserve and National Guard service members will be deployed stateside and overseas for a tough battle. With continued budget cuts, supporting our troops now is more important than ever before.  It is our duty as Americans and Veterans to do our part to keep their spirits and morale up, and hope these young Veterans will return to be a part of our great organization.


The Department of Michigan VFW is proud to be part of this ongoing program set up to assist our troops.  We have adopted units from Michigan and have been sending I pads, Game boys, CDs & DVDs and the players. We have sent laptop computers and digital cameras to our veterans that are hospitalized overseas and state side. We work with Family Support Groups so that the family members of our troops at home are helped too.  Donations not earmarked for a specific fund will be put into the V&MSP fund to be used for the most needed area of support as determined by our National Organization. 


We are asking each Post to donate what they can to help our Veterans and our Troops. Please remember you can use your relief fund for these purposes!  




All Donations must be sent to Department of Michigan to receive All State Credit.




                Post Commanders: Points that will be awarded for the All-State Program




Three (3) points if the Post purchases twenty (20) or more VMSP Pins @ $3 (three) each to be sold at the Post. Pins must be paid for when ordered. One (1) point for each $25.00 donated to VMSP (max of four (4) points).


Operation Uplink


One (1) point for each $25.00 or $1.00 per member donated to Operation Uplink. (max of four (4) points)


Adopt a Unit


One (1) point for each $25.00 or $1.00 per member donated to Adopt-a-Unit. (max of (4) points)                                            


Unmet Needs


One (1) point for each $25.00 or $1.00 per member donated to Unmet Needs. (max of four (4) points).


Tom Oltesvig, Director